Race 1 NTC Duathlon Series 2014
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January 19, 2014

And They're Off! DSCF4133 DSCF4134 DSCF4135 DSCF4136 DSCF4137 DSCF4138 DSCF4139 DSCF4140 DSCF4141 DSCF4144 DSCF4145 DSCF4146 DSCF4147 DSCF4148 DSCF4149 DSCF4150 DSCF4153 DSCF4154 DSCF4155 DSCF4156 DSCF4157 DSCF4158 DSCF4159 DSCF4160 DSCF4161 DSCF4162 DSCF4163 DSCF4164 DSCF4165 DSCF4166 DSCF4167 DSCF4169 DSCF4170 DSCF4171 DSCF4172 DSCF4173 DSCF4174 DSCF4175 DSCF4176 DSCF4177 DSCF4178 DSCF4179 DSCF4180 DSCF4181 DSCF4182 DSCF4184 DSCF4185 DSCF4186 DSCF4187 DSCF4188 DSCF4190 DSCF4191 DSCF4192 DSCF4193 DSCF4194 DSCF4195 DSCF4196 DSCF4197 DSCF4198 DSCF4199 DSCF4200 DSCF4201 DSCF4202 DSCF4203 DSCF4204 DSCF4206 DSCF4208 DSCF4209 DSCF4210 DSCF4214 Early Leaders Kitty Perle (2nd) Caroline Conway (1st) Aisling Flanagan (3rd) Mariusz Olejniczak (2nd,) Cathal O'Donnabhainn (1st) , Peter Kern (3rd)

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